I’m running to be your Liberal candidate and next Member of Parliament for Orléans.

To support me, please register as a Liberal member to vote and get involved.

Nomination Day Thursday, September 19

Nomination Day

Support Khatera Akbari on Nomination Day this Thursday, September 19, by voting for Khatera Akbari on the ballet to ensure she is your next Liberal candidate for Orléans.

How to vote and support Khatera

To become the Liberal candidate in Orléans, I need as many supporters as possible to show up at a nomination meeting and cast a vote for me this Thursday, September 19 at the Shenkman Arts Centre between 2:30 pm and 8:30 pm.

I need a ride to the Shenkman Arts Centre

 If you need a ride, please let us know and we can arrange to give you a ride by emailing us at khatera@khateraorleans.ca or calling (613) 447-1174.

Why I’m Running

I believe that if our government is going to continue to support and grow the middle class, we must elect more members of the middle class who are willing to work hard for positive change.

From the experience I have gained as a professional career woman, a public servant, an educator, a small business owner and an active member of the community, I am ready to serve the people of Orléans.

As the President of the Orléans Federal Liberal Association, I am continuing conversations with members of the Liberal party and those we meet at the doors while canvassing. My priorities and commitments for Orléans, presented below, stem from those conversations.

Why I'm running

As the President of the Orléans Federal Liberal Association, I want to run because I want to serve and because I am ready to serve the people of Orléans. I want to run because I know that there is more we can do to help middle class Canadians._______En tant que président de l'Association libérale fédérale d'Orléans, je veux être votre candidat parce que je veux servir et parce que je suis prêt à servir le peuple d'Orléans. Je veux vous représenter car je sais que nous pouvons faire plus pour aider les Canadiens de la classe moyenne.

Posted by Khatera Akbari on Monday, May 27, 2019

Defending our Official Languages

Canada is a bilingual country and Franco-Ontarians are part of the fabric of our nation. After seeing my parents struggle to pass on their language and culture to myself and my siblings, I appreciate the important work that Franco-Ontarians do to ensure preservation of the culture and the French language. You do not have to be Franco-Ontarian to defend and preserve the French language; you simply have to be Canadian. As a proud Canadian, I have taught myself French without professional training and I intend to continue to protect and defend our official languages.

Supporting Small Businesses

As the owner of a small business that had to close down after four years of struggles, I understand the challenges that small business owners face. I want the government to make it easier for small businesses to start up, scale up, and access new markets. I understand how important small business is to our community’s economy and I will work hard, and collaborate with others, to better support the small businesses in Orléans.

I owned and operated a small business, so I know the challenges small business owners face. I’m seeking the nomination because I want the government to better support small business and make it easier to start a small business and expand existing businesses. If you agree please register to support me:https://khateraorleans.ca/register-to-vote/____________J’étais la propriétaire d’une petite entreprise, alors je connais les défis auxquels sont confrontés les propriétaires de petites entreprises. Je me présente comme candidate pour cette nomination parce que je veux que le gouvernement soutienne mieux les petites entreprises et facilite le démarrage d’une petite entreprise et l’agrandissement des entreprises existantes.Si vous êtes d'accord, veuillez-vous inscrire pour me soutenir.https://khateraorleans.ca/fr/inscrivez-vous-pour-voter/

Posted by Khatera Akbari on Sunday, June 9, 2019

Investing in Transit Beyond Ottawa’s LRT to Trim Road

Like many of you, I take the 231 from Chapel Hill to the downtown core every day for work. I want our government to continue to improve public transit, like the Phase 2 extension to extend the LRT from Blair Road all the way to Trim Road. Thoughtful infrastructure planning, such as park and rides, are required to ensure a convenient commute for public transit users.

Climate Change

I’m proud to be running for a party that is taking real action on climate change and will work tirelessly to protect and preserve our environment for future generations. Many among us were filling sandbags just a few weeks ago for our neighbours and friends to help them protect their homes. We must assess the local impact of global climate change on our community and neighbours. I want to prioritize this assessment and help protect and preserve the environment and local landmarks like Petrie Island and the Mer Bleue Bog.

Supporting our Veterans

Today’s Canadian Armed Forces continue to protect the freedom we enjoy. My brother is serving in the military and experienced frequent geographical moves, long periods of separation within the family, geographic isolation from extended family support systems, and deployments to high-risk areas of the world. I understand what a family sacrifices when a Canadian chooses to serve our country.

I will work tirelessly to ensure veterans and active service members receive the services and respect they are entitled to. I promise to respect and support veterans in a way that Canadians expect and will ensure that our government lives up to its obligation to Canadian veterans and their families to give them the support they deserve.

I want to serve as your Member of Parliament because I am committed to giving back to Canada, this great country that gave my family a place to call home and me so many of the rights I enjoy.

Please help me continue the great work that the Honourable Andrew Leslie has done for Orléans by supporting me. I need your vote in the Liberal nomination to represent you as your next Member of Parliament for Orléans.

You cannot vote in the nomination if you do not register as a liberal member so please register and vote for me.


Khatera Akbari, Liberal Nomination Candidate for Orléans